Insurance Coverage for College Students

parents with college student moving into dorm
Insurance Coverage for College Students

As the back-to-school date starts fast approaching for your college students, parents may start looking at their insurance coverage and wonder—how do we keep our child covered? At Staples & Associates, we’re here to walk with you through every milestone and make sure you have the proper insurance coverage for your college student.

Auto Insurance for College Students

If your child is bringing a car to school with them, auto insurance is a must. But even if they aren’t, don’t jump to taking them off the auto insurance policy yet! Once they are removed, holiday breaks from school will leave your child without a car or without any coverage in case of an accident. 

If your full-time student still has your home address as their primary residence, they can remain on your auto insurance policy. However, if they own the vehicle themselves, they will need a separate auto policy that they are responsible for.

Renter’s Insurance for College Students

Did you know that your homeowner’s insurance policy can cover some of your child’s belongings when they move into a dorm? Coverage usually extends to 10% of personal property coverage.

If your college student is living in off-campus housing, this will most likely require a separate renter’s policy. This will take care of their belongings and liability coverage. When selecting a coverage limit, assess the value of belongings to find an amount that adequately protects them. Keep in mind electronics, textbooks, and personal items. 

As you get ready for college adventures, taking care of insurance might not sound as exciting as dorm decor or campus events, but trust us, it’s a smart move! Whether it’s auto insurance or renter’s insurance, Staples & Associates is here to help. Contact our team of trusted agents today.

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