Debunking Common Insurance Myths

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Debunking Common Insurance Myths

It seems like everywhere we look these days we’re charged with trying to tell fact from fiction. Your home, auto, and life insurance policies should not be one of them! At Staples & Associates, we will make your coverage clear and ensure it fits your situation. Check out some of the top falsehoods we’ve heard over the years. 

Are these Popular Insurance Myths True or False?

  • My Dog’s Breed Does Not Matter for Homeowners Insurance – False!

Some breeds of dogs are excluded from homeowners’ policies. Typically, insurance companies have a list of large dog breeds that are considered aggressive and may pose a risk to a home. Staples & Associates can help you learn more about home insurance.

  • Red Cars Have Higher Insurance Rates – False! 

The color of your car does not actually affect the premium, but the type of vehicle or the person driving it can. Learn more about auto-policies offered by Staples & Associates. 

  • Car Insurance is Required When Purchasing a Vehicle – True! 

A majority of the time, car dealers will not let you drive off the lot without the vehicle being added to your policy or showing some kind of proof of insurance. 

  • Life Insurance is Only for Older Adults – False!

Adults of any age and their families can benefit from starting a life insurance policy early. Traditional whole-life policies will accumulate a cash value that will grow over time. Learn more about Term Life, Whole Life, and Universal Life insurance. 

  • Renters Insurance is Only Needed When You Have High-Value Items – False! 

Some landlords require insurance prior to moving into a rental home. Plus, the renter’s belongings are not covered by the owner’s home insurance policy. It’s best to be safe and invest in renter’s insurance with Staples & Associates. 

The moral of the story—don’t believe everything you hear about insurance! Check with a trusted advisor from Staples & Associates for the most up-to-date insurance policy options and prices for your unique situation. Contact Staples & Associates today for a free quote!

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