Errors and Omissions Liability Insurance

Event Liability Insurance

Everybody loves a good party but it’s never a bad idea to protect your event with insurance just to be safe and to protect you from financial losses. The unpredictable can strike at any time.  A guest can fall in your parking lot, lighting can strike and blow your breakers. You never know. Event Liability coverage protects an event holder or vendor if legal action is taken against them for injuries or damages to property. It can also cover financial losses in the case of an accident, severe weather or if a problem surfaces with a vendor that ends up canceling the event.

Event Cancellation Insurance

Unforeseen circumstances like bad weather, an illness or natural disaster can come out of nowhere and leave behind invoices that have to be paid. These bills can include everything from venue fees, catering and other deposits to travel costs for vendors, performers and even attendees. If you unexpectedly need to cancel or postpone your event, a separate cancellation insurance policy can cover your costs.  Be proactive when planning  your event and purchase event cancellation insurance from Staples & Associates to protect your business from the unpredictable.

Wedding Insurance

Weddings, just like any other special events you plan and pay for can be covered by special event cancellation coverage to protect you from financial losses if you have to cancel or postpone for many different unexpected reasons. Maybe a member of the immediate family of the bride or groom falls ill or mother nature causes a power outage which means no electricity for the reception. Special event insurance can cover reimbursements for deposits for the venue, food, photographer, and DJ.

Special Event Liability Coverage

If you are found legally responsible for damage to a venue or an injury that someone encountered at your event, special event liability coverage will cover it, depending on the limits of your policy. Liability insurance is typically limited to a specific time period that ends when the event is over so make sure you understand your policy, how much it covers, and any time constraints.

What Types of Events are Covered by Event Insurance?

  • Conventions
  • Car Shows
  • Parades
  • Concerts
  • Golf Tournaments
  • Charity Benefits
  • Festivals
  • Corporate Functions
  • Religious Retreats
  • Sports Events… and more!

Flood Insurance

How do you know if you need flood insurance?

Most homeowners’ insurance does not cover flood damage. When you purchase flood insurance, it will cover both physical damage to your home and belongings from floods. While homes and businesses in high-risk flood zones with government backed mortgages are required to have flood insurance, floods can happen anywhere and at any time.  You don’t have to live on the coast, or near a body of water to experience flooding in your home or business.  Groundwater flooding occurs when the level of water within the soil underground – known as the water table rises and reaches ground level.  This occurs with changing weather that brings heavy rains and in populated developed areas where there may not be sufficient room for the water to drain. Consider purchasing flood insurance for the protection and peace of mind it brings.

Home and business owners can purchase flood insurance from the National Flood Insurance Program (MFIP) through private insurance agencies, like Staples & Associates. Most policies do not take effect until 30 days after signing so make sure to get your coverage before the storm season rolls in.  The NFIP offers building coverage and contents coverage.

What is covered?

Building Coverage Protects Your:
  • Electrical and plumbing systems
  • Furnaces and water heaters
  • Refrigerators, cooking stoves, and built-in appliances like dishwashers
  • Permanently installed carpeting
  • Permanently installed cabinets, paneling, and bookcases
  • Window blinds
  • Foundation walls, anchorage systems, and staircases.
  • Detached garages
  • Fuel tanks, well water tanks and pumps, and solar energy equipment
  • Personal belongings such as clothing, furniture, and electronic equipment
  • Curtains
  • Washer and dryer
  • Portable and window air conditioners
  • Microwave oven
  • Carpets not included in building coverage (e.g., carpet installed over wood floors)
  • Valuable items such as original artwork and furs (up to $2,500)

When determining insurance coverage for flood damages, the cause of the flooding matters.  According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), a flood is an excess of water on land that is normally dry, affecting two or more acres of land or two or more properties.  Flood Insurance covers losses directly caused by flooding.

Consult a flood map by clicking here to identify if your property is in an area with a high risk of flooding.

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