Customer Phone Support in 2021? That’s Right!

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Customer Phone Support in 2021? That’s Right!

We’ve all been there, “press one to pay your bill, press two for more information about your account, press three for more options”. In the digital world that we live in, it’s easy to forget that some businesses still answer the phone, before going through 25 automated options! At Staples Insurance, phone support is still alive and well, and honestly? We think it’s a critical part of how we best support our clients!

When you truly need help, or a question answered, no one wants to deal with extensive menus and online chatbots, you want a real person! This is why at Staples Insurance, we stand by giving our real customers, support by real people.

Just why is phone support still so important in 2021? Check out our top three reasons- and give us a call to see us in action, for yourself!

Top 3 Reasons We Believe in Customer Phone Support

1. Help Our Clients Feel Heard
When a customer reaches out to a business, they expect to be communicated with, and their questions and concerns to be handled as quickly as possible. At Staples Insurance, we expedite this process, by answering all calls with real people, not automated messaging systems that run you through the wringer to get the answers that you’re looking for. We strive to make our customers feel heard by listening to their concerns and offering applicable next steps that don’t involve spending the first 10 minutes on the line, clicking through various options.


2. Applicable Results from Phone Interactions
The information that we’re able to gather from a phone conversation serves our clients and our business. Talking to our clients over the phone gives us insight on how to better service our clients, and helps us to anticipate any future inquires or questions from each sector of our business.


3. Hearing Our Customers Grows Our Business
Customers most often call with the information that they find online, doesn’t answer their question properly. Answering each call that we receive with real people, allows us to build upon the information that we have available online, and learn what our customers are really interested in! At times, a pre-recording just doesn’t have the options to answer an inquiry properly, this is when a live operator is there to step in and route each call appropriately.


In the digital world that we live in, of course, it’s important to have online forms and chat forums online. However, those real-life interactions are what helps us take care of our clients as quickly, and efficiently as possible.


Have questions? You know what to do- pick up the phone and call! (410) 546-3999 will reach us in Salisbury, MD, and (302) 398-3276 will reach us in Harrington, DE. We can’t wait to speak with you!

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