Car Insurance for New Drivers

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Car Insurance for New Drivers

If your family is welcoming a new driver to the roads and your car insurance, you’ll need to know what impact that will have on your insurance coverage and premiums. At Staples & Associates, we’re here to make that easy with our key points to consider when your child gets behind the wheel. 

Impact of New Drivers on Your Car Insurance

Higher Premiums

Adding a new driver, specifically young, under the age of 25, often leads to an increase in your insurance premiums. This is mostly due to the assumed higher risk associated with inexperienced drivers. New drivers can be more likely to be involved in accidents, causing the policyholder to have higher costs.

Policy Adjustments

Policy changes can be evaluated through a risk assessment after a young driver is added to your insurance. Or, as the policyholder, you may want to explore more coverage types. These adjustments could impact deductibles, coverage terms, conditions, etc.—but not always in a bad way!

Driving Limitations

Depending on your insurance, the new driver might have imposed restrictions such as limited use of high-performance vehicles or driving curfews. Some insurers also offer safe driving incentives for young drivers that can include discounts for clean driving records, completing safety courses, and more.

Long-Term Considerations

Insurance companies love a clean driving record, and as your novice driver gains experience, there will be opportunities to renegotiate terms and potentially lower premiums over time. 

By understanding the impact of adding a new driver to your auto insurance policy, Staples & Associates can help you prepare for any potential changes, making informed decisions that prioritize both safety and financial considerations. Contact our team for guidance today!

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