What is Pollution Liability Insurance?

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What is Pollution Liability Insurance?

Do you need pollution liability insurance? The first step is understanding what pollution liability insurance is and Staples & Associates is here to provide you with everything you need to know! As a business owner, pollution liability insurance helps to protect your business from issues with pollutants you may work with. 

Is this something you need for your business? The list of products and substances that can be considered pollutants is extensive and can apply to your company even if you think you’re in the clear. 

What Does Pollution Liability Insurance Cover?

Pollution liability insurance, also referred to as environmental insurance, protects businesses from unexpected pollution exposures not covered by your general commercial casualty and property policy solutions. The standard policies cover claims for issues like bodily injury, business disruption, crises, impact on transportation, and clean-up costs.

Businesses that should consider the extra insurance include contractors, landscapers, cleaners, farmers, excavators, etc. While some pollutants are more obvious than others, even food production and regular workplace waste can be considered a pollutant in the right circumstance.

A general pollution liability insurance should cover the basic needs of a low-risk company, but if you’re at a higher risk, you may want to consider the many other pollution insurances, either as standalone policies or bundled together. These can include legal liability, transporter insurance, cleanup cost cap, and more. Businesses can also purchase coverage on a project-to-project basis.

Want to know more about what insurance coverage is right for you and your company? Staples & Associates have our team ready to provide expert advice and get you the commercial insurance you need. Contact us today!

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