How to Prevent Vermin from Damaging Your Vehicle

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How to Prevent Vermin from Damaging Your Vehicle

Rodents of all kinds love to chew on anything they can — including your car! Exposed wires can make your vehicle unsafe, which could pose a risk to you and your family. Protect your car with these tips from Staples & Associates on how to prevent vermin from damaging your vehicle. 

Park Away From Areas That Attract Rodents

When parking your vehicle, especially overnight, avoid choosing a spot near garbage bins or dumpsters, vegetable or edible food gardens, or especially dark areas. Park in well-lit spots, away from food disposal or storage areas. 

Ask a Mechanic to Inspect Your Car Regularly

During your regular oil change or tire rotation, ask the mechanic to do an overview of the vehicle to inspect for rodent damage. Deal with any issues as quickly as you can. 

Keep Rodents Out of Your Car and Garage 

Avoid storing food waste or materials that rodents like to nest in inside your garage, especially if your car is parked there. Keep trash cans outside, and enclose them if possible. Repair any holes or cracks in your foundation, especially around the garage, and add weather stripping or sealant where possible. Remove all food wrappers, crumbs, or drink containers from your car often. 

Move Your Car Regularly

If you work from home or have an extra vehicle that is not used daily, set reminders to move it regularly. Set up a weekly or monthly appointment where you know you will use that car. Bonus tip: when near the vehicle, honk the horn on occasion to scare away any small animal that might be living inside it. 

What to Do if You Find Rodent Damage

If you see droppings near the vehicle, be careful when inspecting further. Wear thick rubber gloves to avoid coming into contact with any diseases carried by mice or other rodents. Clean the car thoroughly and set up an appointment with a mechanic. 

To find out if rodent damage is covered by your auto policy, call us at 410-376-8759. Or, contact Staples & Associates with any questions related to your auto, home, farm, or business insurance policies. 

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