What Damage Can A Tornado Cause?

House damaged by disaster.
What Damage Can A Tornado Cause?

In 2017, residents of Salisbury, Maryland were surprised to hear alarming news of a Tornado Watch. Sure enough, a tornado with winds gusting up to 105 MPH ripped through the city and caused havoc. Vehicles were tossed around like toy cars and thrown into nearby buildings. It is difficult to imagine that one day everything is fine, and in an instant, your automobile, home or even your business can be severely damaged or lost. Do you know what your insurance covers in the event of a natural disaster like a tornado?

What is a Tornado Watch?

According to the National Weather Service, a tornado watch means there is the possibility of a tornado happening, but that does not mean there is a tornado occurring at the time. A tornado warning is sent out when a tornado has touched ground or is imminent to the area and there is a danger to life or property.

What to do in a Tornado

During a tornado watch, you should have a way to keep track of the weather, without power. Make sure smartphones are charged or you have a battery-powered radio. During peak hurricane season months of August through October, you should always review your emergency plans with your family. If a tornado warning has been issued, you and your loved ones should take cover immediately. If you are indoors, go to a windowless room on the lowest level of your home, a basement if possible. If you are outside, get far away from trees and cars as they may be blown onto you in a tornado or from high winds.

What to do after a Tornado

The National Weather Service recommends after a tornado strikes that you continue to listen to local weather and news reports for any updates related to the passing tornado or any other storm-related updates. You should stay in touch with loved ones as much as possible, check especially on your elder loved ones or ones with small children. Of course call or offer for first aid if there is anyone injured. After the threat is confirmed over, assess your damages. You should be cautious to not enter any damaged buildings or structures that look unsafe. Contact authorities if you see any chemical spills or down power lines.

Is Tornado Damage Covered by Homeowners Insurance?

If your home is struck by a tornado the damage is generally covered under homeowners insurance policies and do not require a separate endorsement, but check with your insurance agent for specifics. In order for your business or your automobile to be covered by a tornado, please check your individual policies.

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