Tips for Driving With Kids or Pets in the Car

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Tips for Driving With Kids or Pets in the Car

When you’re driving it’s easy to get distracted especially with kids or pets in the car with you. Staples & Associates is here to help with tips for driving with your loved ones in the car and ways to keep them safe from being exposed to summer heat in a hot vehicle.

Heatstroke in a hot car is a serious threat to children and pets, especially during this time of year. Even on days with milder temperatures, the heat inside the vehicle can reach dangerous levels within an hour regardless of cracked windows. Follow these tips to keep your kids and pets safe.

How to Keep Your Kids & Pets Safe From Hot Cars

Set Reminders

Whether you’re driving to the store or back home, keep an important item like your wallet or purse in the backseat of your car but out of reach from your child or pet. This will help ensure that you check behind you and remember there are other passengers in the car. If you know how long it will take to reach your destination, you can set a reminder on your phone for the approximate time you’ll arrive to check the back seat.

Bring Them With You

No matter what length of time, never leave your child or pet unattended in the car, especially in the heat. If you can’t bring them with you, try to run errands through a drive-thru, grocery pick up, or when someone is available to watch them.

Leave the AC Running With a Trusted Adult

If the driver has to leave the vehicle, keep the air conditioning running and another trusted adult in the car with your child or pet. It’s important to also keep your keys out of reach in case your kid or pet gets curious.

Keep Necessities in the Car

Keep necessities in the car when traveling on a particularly hot or cold day. Water, snacks, a blanket, etc. And yes, sometimes even toys are necessities for bored children and pets during a long car ride!


Overall, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Stay vigilant and aware of your surroundings when you leave your vehicle and be mindful of the threats severe heat can cause. For more information on how to keep your children and pets safe when you’re driving, contact Staples & Associates today!

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