The Importance of Liability Insurance for Homeowners

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The Importance of Liability Insurance for Homeowners

As a homeowner, do you know the importance of having personal liability insurance? Without it, you may think twice about hosting that party or having others come visit your home. Personal liability coverage is a component of homeowners insurance that protects you in the case of an accident on your property.

Staples & Associates are here to help make sure you understand the ins and outs of liability coverage and keep you protected should the unexpected happen. Here are some ways the extra coverage in your homeowner’s insurance policy can help you.

Coverage for Legal Expenses

Personal liability insurance is used when you have been found legally responsible for someone else’s injury or damage to their property. So, if you are sued for one of these incidents, the legal expenses can add up even if you are not found responsible. Luckily, with coverage, the legal costs can be covered by insurance.

Injured Visitor’s Medical Costs

Accidents can happen and can be more likely to occur to visitors who are not as familiar with your home as you are. If the accident is deemed your responsibility because of negligence, the medical bills may fall on you even if the injured person has health benefits. Beyond medical expenses, pain and suffering can result from an accident, and in case of a settlement against you, liability coverage can help pay that cost.

Property Repair

Besides bodily harm, you can also be found responsible for damaged property. For example, a dead tree in your yard falling onto a neighbor’s house could cause you to be liable for the expenses. However, as we mentioned before, negligence needs to be proven in order for your insurance company to accept the claim.

These are just a few of the instances where personal liability coverage can help you when the unexpected happens. Learn more details about homeowners insurance here and reach out to our Staples & Associates team to find the right coverage for you! 

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