Safety Tips for Fall Driving

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Safety Tips for Fall Driving

As the autumn season approaches, weather and road conditions will start to change. Following safety tips for fall driving will keep you safe as you enjoy pumpkin patch outings, beautiful trees changing colors, and fun Halloween events.

Staples & Associates has you and your vehicle covered in any season! Whether it’s leaves on the road, changing weather conditions, vehicle maintenance, and more, check out our tips to keep you safe this fall.

Autumn Driving Precautions

Leaves on the Road

As the leaves start falling, they can tend to accumulate on roadways especially in neighborhood areas. These leaves can be wet and slippery so use caution when driving around turns, watch your speed, and keep a greater distance between cars. 

The School Year Has Started

School buses are common this time of year on busy and neighborhood roads. When the lights flash on the bus, stop 20 feet away and wait for children to safely exit or enter the bus. Before and after school, keep an eye out for kids who may be walking on the side of the road to and from school or the bus. 

Less Daylight

The sun will begin to set earlier and dusk can limit visibility while driving. Always keep a pair of sunglasses in your vehicle to limit the glare caused by the bright sunrises and sunsets of fall. Drive defensively and be on the lookout for those taking evening walks. 

Deer Mating Season

The deer are very active during the fall season and are much less attentive to the dangers around them. In the morning and evening hours especially, slow down in posted deer crossing areas. And remember, if one deer crosses the road, more are likely to follow. 

Vehicle Maintenance

Maintaining your vehicle is always important but during the fall, having clean working headlights, efficient windshield wipers, and an emergency safety kit in your car can make all the difference. With Staples & Associates vehicle insurance, you’ll be covered no matter what, but it’s important to take preventative measures.

Even with these safety tips for fall driving, accidents can still happen. Make sure that you have the right vehicle insurance for any unexpected emergency. Contact us today at Staples & Associates!

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