Preventing Christmas Tree Fires

a christmas tree with red and gold ornaments
Preventing Christmas Tree Fires

This holiday season, make sure you and your family are safe and actively preventing Christmas tree fires in your home. Christmas trees are an important part of the holidays for many families and spread joy. However, when strung with lights they can also spread fires. 

At Staples & Associates, we’re here to help make sure your holiday is happy and safe without any accidents and the right insurance coverage just in case. 

Christmas Tree Safety

  • Support the Tree: It’s easy for a Christmas tree to fall over if not supported correctly. Make sure the tree stand is sturdy and provides the proper support. This applies to both real and artificial trees. 
  • Find a Healthy Tree: If you’re opting for a live tree, find one that is live and healthy. The best way to do this is to find one with fresh, green needles that don’t fall off when you touch the branch. 
  • Keep the Tree Healthy: Keep your tree watered every day so it won’t become dried out. The limbs will dry out first so keep lights pushed further away from the edges. 
  • Check the Lights: Always inspect the strands of lights before placing them on your tree. Replace them if they have loose bulb connections or worn and broken cords. LED lights are safer to use than incandescent bulbs. Plus, don’t forget to turn your tree lights off before leaving or going to bed.
  • Dispose of the Tree When Necessary: Once your live tree becomes dried out, it’s important to dispose of them in a timely manner, and properly. Since they are a fire hazard, do not keep them leaned up against your home or in the garage. 

Will your insurance cover you in case of a Christmas tree fire? Most homeowners’ insurance policies will, but to make sure, contact our team at The Staples Agency and stay safe this holiday season!

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