Prepping Your Home for Fall

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Prepping Your Home for Fall

Is your home ready for the fall season? Summer’s almost over and the nights are starting to get cooler. Fall is upon us, and there are a few things that you can do to be sure that your home is ready for the upcoming season! 

Are you ready to start your checklist and get your home prepared for cooler weather? Here are a few ideas to get you started: 

Outdoor Maintenance

Outdoor maintenance for fall doesn’t end at mowing for the last of the year or raking up those leaves. Consider the following tips to keep your home safe and avoid repairs in the spring:

  1. Remove Your Hose: After you’ve washed your car and watered your garden for the last time of the season, drain your hose lines and turn off the water to the outside valves. Remove your hose from the water valve and store it in the garage or shed. This helps to prevent purse pipes over the cold fall and winter months.
  2. Clean Your Gutters: It’s essential that your gutters are leaf and debris-free to allow water to flow during the fall, winter, and spring. Once you’ve cleaned out your gutters, consider purchasing gutter guards to make your cleanup much easier next year! 
  3. Winterize Your Garden: Before it gets too cold outside, be sure that all of your plants, shrubs, and trees are trimmed back. Bring in or cover any furniture in your hard, and don’t forget to cover your air-conditioning unit and grill! 

Indoor Home Checkups

It’s getting cold outside, and at Staples Insurance we know that you want to keep your home as toasty as possible without the extra cost. Check out these quick tips to help keep the cold out, and the heat in!

  1. Check the Weather Stripping: The weather stripping around your doors can wear or tear over time. Be sure to check it out before the cold comes and replace any stripping that has become worn.
  2. Replace Old Windows: Do you live in an older house that can become drafty over the winter months? Consider replacing those old windows with new energy-efficient ones! If new windows aren’t in your budget for the upcoming season, you can always purchase window insulation kits to seal any leaks around your windows and glass doors.
  3. Change the Furnace Filter: You should change your furnace filter every three months throughout the year, but as soon as it starts to get cold and you’re running your head, it’s important to start changing it monthly. 
  4. Wrap Water Pipes: Wrapping your pipes that run water in insulation can help keep them warm and reduce the chance of them bursting in the cold. It’s also important to let everyone in your house know where the water shut-off is in case of an emergency. 


Do you feel more prepared to take on the colder months and some sweater weather? We sure hope so! 

While you’re helping to protect your home from seasonal changes, make sure that your homeowner’s insurance is updated and up to snuff! Get a fast quote through Staples & Associates to see just how affordable a quality homeowner’s policy can be! 

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