Parking Lot Winter Hazards

Parking lot with snow piles
Parking Lot Winter Hazards

This winter, as temperatures drop and the probability of snow and ice increases, Staples & Associates reminds you to be vigilant in parking lot safety. Here are essential tips to help you navigate holiday shopping safely during the winter months.

Parking Lot Safety Tips

1. Watch for Ice

Parking lots can become icy and slippery during winter weather. Walk cautiously and be mindful of icy patches. Wear appropriate footwear with good traction, and use designated walkways when available.

2. Clear Ice & Snow From Your Vehicle

Before starting your drive to the store, clear off your car completely for the safety of yourself and other drivers. This includes not only your windshield but the roof of your vehicle, all windows, and lights.

3. Parking Safely

Choose a parking spot away from large snow piles that can obstruct your view when pulling out of the spot. If you can, leave extra space between your car and others to allow for any snow removal, and minimize the chance of damage from doors opening. 

4. Watch for Pedestrians

With pedestrians bundled up, hurrying to and from the store, and a higher likelihood of ice on the walkways and crosswalks, keep a closer eye out for people in the parking lot. Yield the right of way and be extra cautious in busy areas.

5. Proper Insurance

Before the ice and snow arrive, review your auto insurance policy to make sure you have the proper coverage you need. Contact Staples & Associates insurance agency for personalized advice and adjustments to your policy if needed.

By following these parking lot safety tips, you can navigate winter conditions with confidence. Stay safe on the roads, and for any insurance-related inquiries, don’t hesitate to reach out to Staples & Associates.

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