Insurance to Consider When Getting Engaged

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Insurance to Consider When Getting Engaged

Are you engaged or considering an engagement? While you’re picking out the wedding venue, making the guest list, and dreaming of your special day, an often overlooked aspect of wedding planning is insurance.  Having the proper insurance coverage can play a crucial role in protecting your newly-formed family.

Staples & Associates is here to help with all your planning. Check out some of the insurance needs you may not have considered when getting engaged. 

Ring Coverage

Your ring is a special and valuable representation of your love. If you rent or own a home, you have property insurance of some kind. Your property insurance will cover your belongings however, you may need to adjust your policy limit to cover the value. If enough coverage is not available to protect your ring, there are other options for personal article insurance to utilize. 

Life Insurance

Many young couples put off life insurance because they feel they only need to worry about it when they’re older. However, getting life insurance early is easy with Staples & Associates and will keep you covered in the event of an emergency. As your family grows and changes, make sure to revisit your life insurance policy to add the proper coverage. 

Wedding Insurance

Weddings can involve significant financial investments. Protect yourself against unforeseen circumstances, such as cancellations due to extreme weather or vendor mishaps. Wedding insurance can provide financial reimbursement for deposits and expenses in case of unexpected disruptions to your big day.

Home & Auto Insurance

Home and auto insurance are two of the most common insurance plans to combine when getting married. If you both own vehicles, consolidating the policies can lead to savings and discounts. Your home or renter’s insurance should be created or adjusted to cover assets from both parties.

As you enter this new season of life, don’t forget to safeguard your future with the insurance you need. Contact Staples & Associates with any questions!

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