Homeowners Insurance Coverage for Trees

fallen tree by house
Homeowners Insurance Coverage for Trees

This time of year can bring heavy rain, thunderstorms, wind, and other inclement weather. This might leaf you thinking, what does my homeowners’ insurance cover for trees and tree damage?

At Staples & Associates, we’re here to help you unpack all of your questions. If a tree falls on your insured property, like your home or garage, your homeowners’ insurance policy should cover the damage. Keep reading for more details on insurance coverage with trees.

Property Damage from Trees

Who Owns the Tree?

This is the first question to consider when addressing tree damage to your property. Ownership of the tree is determined by where the trunk is. No matter how many branches overhang into your neighbor’s yard, if the trunk is rooted on your property, it’s yours, and vice versa. A tree directly on the property line means that you and your neighbor jointly own the tree.

The good news? You’re insured no matter who owns the tree. After tree damage, you can file a claim with your insurance agent to assess the damage and get coverage. If you don’t own the tree, it’s likely that your neighbor’s insurance company will reimburse you.

Remember, it’s important to properly maintain your trees and prepare them for inclement weather. You don’t want poor maintenance and negligence impacting your coverage!

Tree and Debris Removal

Did you know that your homeowners’ insurance policy could cover the costs of removing the tree and even debris? The coverage generally applies when the tree or debris has hit an insured structure. However, if the tree or debris has fallen in an area where it is blocking a driveway or other accessibility points, there may be additional coverage to get it removed.

Damaged Landscaping

Along the same lines as tree and debris removal, your trees, shrubs, and other common landscaping plants can be covered up to a specific dollar amount for damages caused by incidents like natural disasters, wind, lightning, wildfires, etc.

Make sure to read your homeowners’ insurance policy carefully and check out our insurance safety tips for more information! Contact our fully trained insurance specialists at Staples & Associates today for all your insurances needs and questions!

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