Home Security and Theft Protection

Holiday gift delivery concept with parcel box near front door.
Home Security and Theft Protection

The holiday season is a feel-good time for spreading joy and cheer, but unfortunately, not everyone is in the holiday spirit. Is your home secure from theft and burglary while you’re waiting for packages to arrive, visiting with family, or out shopping for gifts?

Statistically, this time of year has an increase in home burglaries. While it’s important to stay vigilant, there’s no need to worry because Staples & Associates has holiday theft safety and prevention reminders for all homeowners!

Holiday Theft Safety Reminders

Keep doors and windows locked and secure: Installing deadbolt locks on doors adds an extra layer of security.

Keep valuables out of sight: It’s a beautiful sight to see a Christmas tree lit up from outside the window, but keep the presents underneath your tree and out of view. This also applies to packages that may arrive on your doorstep. If you’re not home to retrieve them, have a neighbor hold them for you until you’re back.

Invest in additional security measures: Some simple ways to further protect your home are by installing security cameras, alarm systems, and exterior motion sensor lights to scare off unwanted intruders. There may even be discounts available to your premium by adding these security measures to your home.

Secure your vehicle: Vehicles are easy targets for thieves, especially if they’re already unlocked. Always keep your car locked and avoid leaving valuables in your car when it’s unattended.

Make sure you’re covered: Is your personal property coverage up to date? Your homeowner’s insurance can protect you against vandalism and malicious mischief, including theft on or off the premises. If you’ve made any pricey purchases recently, adjust your policy accordingly for coverage.

Staples & Associates wants to help keep you and yours safe during the holidays. For questions or more information about your policy and how to check your coverage, contact our team of experts today. 

Happy Holidays!

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