Home Safety for Seniors

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Home Safety for Seniors

While homeowners insurance offers protection against unexpected events and accidents in the home, taking proactive steps to ensure the safety of your house can significantly reduce the likelihood of insurance claims. Our team at Staples & Associates encourages home safety tips for seniors so you can stay comfortable and safe in your space.

Senior Citizen Safety Tips

  • Lighting

A simple yet effective way to enhance home safety for seniors is by ensuring adequate lighting throughout the house. Well-lit spaces are less likely to hide tripping hazards. By investing in better lighting, you can significantly reduce the risk of accidents

  • Organizing

Other tripping hazards often come in the form of the stuff we keep around our houses. While you don’t have to empty the house of all your belongings, you should be proactive to keep items put away where they belong and out from underfoot.

  • Bathroom Safety Measures

The bathroom is a common site for accidents to happen. Installing assistive items like grab bars in the shower and by the toilet and a shower chair or bench can greatly reduce the risk of falling while bathing. Plus, non-slip bath mats make a big difference in added safety.

  • Regular Home Maintenance

Regular home maintenance will assure you that your home is in good shape to protect you from accidents. Addressing issues such as loose handrails, uneven flooring, and plumbing or electrical problems can prevent small problems from escalating into significant safety hazards.

As you continue to maintain your home with senior citizen safety considered, make sure that your homeowners’ insurance is up to date too! Check that you have the right amount of coverage you need in case of an accident. Talk to one of our professionals at Staples & Associates today!

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