Driving Safety Around School Buses

School bus on the road
Driving Safety Around School Buses

The school year has started and children across the country are loading on and off school buses throughout the week when starting or finishing their days. While frequent stops can add a bit more time to your usual commute, it’s important to practice increased driving safety around school buses to keep yourself, the children, and other drivers safe. 

Safety Tips for Driving During the School Year

  • Be Patient When Driving Near Buses

It’s no secret that the big yellow buses are going to be making stops. Prepare for these by increasing your following distance. As with any large vehicle, allow them space to turn and maneuver as necessary. 

  • No Distracted Driving

A quick glance at a text message is all it takes for an accident to happen on the road. Keep your focus on driving at all times. The students might not be watching where they are going either—making your distracted driving harmful or even deadly. 

  • Avoid School Areas

If your commute is around school start and end times, you may want to consider alternate routes to take away from school zones and bus routes. School zones are busy and require reduced speeds plus very careful watching for any students heading to and from the building. 

  • Know When to Stop

Knowing when to stop for a school bus is essential as a driver. When you see yellow flashing lights, the bus is preparing to stop, so you must as well. Red flashing lights and extended stop sign means—you guessed it—stop! This applies to traffic on both sides of the road.

To learn more about reducing accidents and driving safety, reach out to our team at Staples & Associates!

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