Winterizing Your Home Checklist

Icicles on a house roof
Winterizing Your Home Checklist

Cooler weather is coming, are you prepared? It happens in a blink of an eye, first, the kids go back to school, the leaves begin to fall, and next thing you know the turkey is in the sink thawing out for Thanksgiving Dinner and holiday to-do lists are being made. This time of year comes and goes in the blink of an eye, now is the time to start checking off your list to prepare for the colder months ahead. 


When winter comes and the temperatures start dropping, be sure that your home is prepared with these top five tips from the experts at Staples & Associates. 

Top 5 Tips to Winterize Your Home

  1. Check the Gutters: Prevent ice dams by cleaning your gutters and if possible, installing gutter guards. 
  2. Seal the Cracks: Caulk around all holes and openings outside your home to prevent cold air from seeping in. Install weather stripping and seals around windows and doors. 
  3. Protect Your Pipes: Protect against the frozen pipes that come with the cold by insulating those pipes that could be susceptible to freezing, specifically pipes that run along exterior walls, or in areas of your home that run colder. 
  4. Check Your Fireplace: Animal nests or buildup in your fireplace can be hazardous. Having an annual inspection before building the first fire of the season can save you money stress in the long run. Be sure that your soot and ashes are completely cooled down and all the way out before putting them in a trash can! 
  5. Prep Your Yard: Get your yard ready for the colder months by moving outdoor furniture and equipment indoors or under protection during the colder months. Remove your garden hose and shut off the valves. Most importantly, trim your trees and remove dead branches and debris from your yard. Ice, snow, and wind can weaken the trees and cause branches to fall, and potentially damage your home. 


Pro Tip: Most homeowners insurance policies cover damages due to extreme winter weather, but be sure to speak with your agent to answer any questions that you may have, and to check that your policy is up to snuff! 


Contact an agent at Staples Agency with any questions, and enjoy the cooler weather knowing that you’re well-prepared for the upcoming season! 

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