Why Having Insurance Is Essential in the Winter

Why Having Insurance Is Essential in the Winter

Having insurance is always important year-round to protect you from financial liabilities and support you in case of emergencies. That being said, in the winter, there can be higher risk factors you don’t see the other times of the year, making it even more essential to have the right insurance coverage in the winter months. 

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Winter Damages Covered by Insurance

Medical Expenses

Make sure you check your property thoroughly before having guests over if there’s been winter weather. One slip on the ice or misplaced step can lead to an abundance of costs you weren’t prepared for. Luckily, your homeowner’s insurance can help you with the medical expenses of others or your loved ones.

Winter Weather Damage

The cold weather might not hurt your family or your guests but it can hurt your home. If you have completed regular maintenance on your property and still find yourself experiencing issues like frozen pipes, roof damage from snow & ice, or other destruction caused by strong winds, your homeowner’s insurance can help cover the costs of repairing the damage. 

Vehicle Accidents

Slick roads are no joke. Skidding on ice or hydroplaning can be very dangerous. Even if your car is parked and not moving, someone else could lose control and damage your vehicle. Make sure your auto insurance has the appropriate coverage you need in case of an accident. Staples & Associates can ensure you have collision, towing, comprehensive, and medical expense coverage for your car and passengers.

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