What You Should Look for Before Buying a Used Car

Car with price and mileage information on it
What You Should Look for Before Buying a Used Car

It’s very common to opt for a used car instead of a new one. They are cheaper, easier to shop for, and can function just as well if you know what to look for before you buy. Keep this checklist on hand from Staples & Associates when you go used car shopping to know what to inspect!

Inspecting a Used Car

  • Alignment & Suspension

Always go for a test drive and see what the car feels like. Is it a smooth ride? You can also tell the alignment may be off if the car drifts to one side or the other. To check the suspension, make sure the vehicle is sitting level with the ground.

  • Tires

Tires are important tell-tale signs of damage, even though they can be replaced. Check to see if the car has had any of the tires replaced. Especially on a car with low mileage, this could be a sign of previous damage. Tires in good condition will save you money in the long run.

  • Body Exterior

Be overly cautious when examining the vehicle’s exterior. Every panel can display the smallest dent, scratch, or rust. While some minor imperfections are expected, multiple can be concerning, and rust is never a good sign. 

  • Safety Components

One of the most important steps of the process is to look over all the safety elements in the car and ensure that they are functioning like new. All interior and exterior car lights, seat belts, airbags, the horn, mirrors, and more in peak condition are crucial to your car. Without these components intact, the vehicle is unsafe to drive and could result in traffic tickets. 

Of course, there are other items in the car to inspect depending on the features you’re looking for. Regardless of the vehicle you’re purchasing, reach out to Staples & Associates for an auto insurance quote before you buy. Be prepared and let Staples’ agents help you stay covered!

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