Special Event Insurance

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Special Event Insurance

Are you planning a special event soon with a large budget like a wedding? Did you know that you can and should get special event insurance? Make sure you’re protected in case accidents happen or plans change. At Staples & Associates, we’re here to help ensure you can plan and look forward to your event without worrying about financial loss. 

Keep reading for more information about special event and wedding insurance. Stay covered for the risks and liabilities you may face. 

Wedding Insurance Coverage

When you’re planning a wedding, many vendors and event details you have to pay for do not issue a refund in case of an emergency. Whether it’s a cancellation, postponement, extreme weather, illness, or accident, there’s still a way to cover wedding-specific items and purchases. 

What is Covered?

Event Cancellation: As mentioned above, if something goes array and you have to cancel your event for any number of reasons, your wedding insurance will keep you covered. For example, if there’s damage to the venue causing you to postpone, insurance will help you navigate the cost of changing the date.  No shows, damage, loss of items, cancellation, and postponement

Event Liability: If the dance floor gets a little too rowdy and someone is injured, event liability insurance can assist with covering medical bills for yourself or your guests. Event liability also covers property damage to the wedding venue that may occur. 

Other Coverage: In order to avoid having to cancel your event, you can cover additional expenses for last-minute issues. If vendors don’t show up, there’s damage to the wedding dress or tuxes, or lost or damaged photography, you’ll still be in good hands. 

Let nothing stand in your way of celebrating a special occasion! Contact Staples & Associates experienced agents for more information about special event and wedding insurance coverage today.

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