Preparing Your Home for the Fall

Fall leaves on roof
Preparing Your Home for the Fall

Summer is coming to an end and fall is quickly approaching. Prepare your home for the fall and winter seasons by following these tips by Staples & Associates! Basic home maintenance can help you save BIG on home insurance costs and will help you prevent damages throughout the year. 

Whether you’re a new or experienced homeowner, our home maintenance checklist will help you stay on track with taking care of your home and preparing for fall weather. Find more information about home insurance here and contact Staples & Associates with any questions!

Home Maintenance Checklist

  • Check for Heat Loss

In your house, there are places where heat can escape or cold air can get in. These problem areas can include windows, door thresholds, and interior insulation. Problems can develop over time with normal wear and tear. Fill in any cracks, replace old or broken parts, and check for air coming in. These small repairs can help save you money in the long run and make sure you’re not overextending your heat and AC.

  • Check Areas That Could Cause Water Damage

Faulty pipes, damaged faucets, clogged drains, and more can all cause water damage and hefty insurance claims. Gradual damage might not be covered by your insurance policy. Fall is the best time of year to do an annual check of your pipes, backup water values, condition of your gutters, and drains. Frozen pipes that break, and weighed down gutters filled with ice are not fun to take care of. Check over all of your indoor plumbing as well in case it needs more insulation in some areas to prevent freezing during the winter.

  • Check Your Yard & Property

What is in your yard that needs to be taken inside for the winter? Maybe it’s patio furniture, decorations, and even grills. Stay prepared with sand or salt to cover frozen, slippery surfaces during the winter and prevent your visitors from being injured. Plus, take a look at your trees. Are they hanging over your house, close to a power line, or have dead branches? Take care of it before it causes a problem in a winter storm.

  • Check Your Roof

Replacing a roof is an expensive repair but small steps to prevent big problems will save you money. Check for loose shingles that could fly away during a storm or piles of debris. If you enjoy sitting by a warm fire at home, have your chimney cleaned and inspected to start a fire with peace of mind. 

What does your home need before the fall and winter? Start preparing now and make sure you are covered with the right insurance. Contact Staples & Associates today and view more insurance tips here!

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