Insurance for College Students

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Insurance for College Students

As summer comes to a close, college students are getting ready to go back to school. If you’re trying to see what insurance you need for your college student, Staples & Associates has got you covered. There are many different circumstances that could leave your young adult in need of insurance while they’re away at school and we want to prepare them for that.

Check out the types of insurance your college student might need and contact Staples & Associates today to find the best options for you!

Types of Insurance Your College Student Might Need

Renter’s Insurance

Is your college student living in a dorm or off-campus apartment? Having insurance is essential to protecting belongings and your student from certain liabilities. Your homeowner’s insurance might extend to cover your child while they are away at school but if not, you’ll need to purchase renter’s insurance. To make sure you have adequate coverage, estimate the value of the personal belongings to determine how much renter’s insurance to get.

Auto Insurance

If your child is bringing a car with them to campus, weigh the risks and alternatives. Walking or biking to class may be the better option, especially with costs to consider like expensive school parking passes. If you do decide to send them to college with a car, contact your existing auto insurance provider to let them know they are moving. Depending on how far away the school is and if they are out of state, the rates and coverage amount may need to be adjusted.

Personal Property Insurance

Your child will probably be bringing items of value with them to college like appliances, laptops, electronics, jewelry, instruments, bikes, etc. If these items are lost, stolen, or damaged, make sure you’re covered by personal property insurance so you can replace your belongings. Check the renter’s or homeowner’s insurance to see if personal property coverage is included!

Keep your child covered even when they’re away from home. Get the proper insurance for college and contact the Staples & Associates team with any questions.

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