Insurance for Cars You Don’t Use Often

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Insurance for Cars You Don’t Use Often

Do you have a vehicle that you don’t drive very often? Many people do, especially during this time of year when kids leave home for college and may not take cars with them. Or, people may own collector cars. 

Collector vehicles are a major investment and require specialized insurance coverage and claims handling. Luckily for you, whether a collector vehicle or just a car not being used as frequently, Staples & Associates has the right insurance coverage for you! 

Maintaining a Vehicle You Don’t Drive Very Often

  • Keep the car insured.

The number one rule for cars you don’t drive very often is to keep the car insured! It might seem like an easy way to save money, but it’s illegal to drive at all in a vehicle without coverage. However, you can update your car insurance coverage to reflect the fact that the car isn’t being driven as much as it used to. This could lead to a lower premium.

  • Drive it at least twice a month.

Your vehicle on average can sit around for a month without the battery draining. So, to avoid the chance of having a dead battery by the time you need to use the car, take it for a spin at least twice a month to keep the critical system lubricated with the car’s fluids and oils. 

  • Keep a full tank of gas.

Moisture can build up in an empty gas tank as the weather changes and cause damage. It might seem like a waste to buy gas for a car you’re not driving, but it’ll save you trouble in the long run.

  • Check over the vehicle.

Two of the most important things to check for are tire pressure and pests. The vehicle’s tires can slowly lose pressure especially when the temperature changes and it sits for long periods of time. Make sure they are inflated to the proper level before driving. Pests like rodents and insects often find homes where no one is bothering them- like the car you leave sitting there. Check for unwanted visitors in places like under the hood and trunk. 

For all of your vehicles, keep your insurance up to date with the best coverage available. Reach out to Staples & Associates today to speak to our dedicated agents.

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