Home Fire Prevention & Safety

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Home Fire Prevention & Safety

A fire in the home is a nightmare for any homeowner. October is Fire Prevention Month and Staples & Associates is here to help you feel prepared and safe from fires in your home. As the temperature starts to drop, heaters are turned on for the first time in months, and fireplaces are prepped for use again.

While enjoying the fall weather and changing seasons, make sure your home is safe and protected from the common causes of home fires. 

  • Install Smoke Alarms: Place smoke alarms strategically around your home. Make sure to test the alarms and change the batteries regularly. 
  • Have Fire Extinguishers: In your home, it’s important to have the means of putting out a small fire on your own, especially in close proximity to flammable appliances in the kitchen. 
  • Be Prepared With an Escape Plan: In case of emergency, every second counts. Everyone who lives and stays in your home should know the plan and be prepared to execute it. 
  • Have Fire Insurance: Being safety conscious can prevent most home fires, but accidents can still happen and it’s important to be protected from any damages that may occur. 

Insurance Coverage for Fires

If a fire damaged your home would you have the right insurance to cover it? Homeowner’s insurance policies have most fire coverage as a standard feature. This covers the structure of the home, personal property inside, and may protect you from liability for bodily injury or resulting damage.

It’s important to take into consideration the inflation rates on building materials and construction costs that can fluctuate and cause rebuilding a home to be much more than expected. No need to worry! Look for coverage that will account for replacement costs above the actual value of the home.

Staples & Associates is here to help make sure you’re protected from home fires. Consult your agent to find out what is available for your home.

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