Finding the Right Insurance for Your Summer Home

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Finding the Right Insurance for Your Summer Home

As summer begins, do you head to a warm, sunny spot to enjoy every minute of it? If you have or are looking to invest in a summer home by the beach, lake, mountains, etc., it’s important to find the right insurance before you move in.

At Staples & Associates, we help clients find the right home insurance they need whether it’s a primary or secondary house in the city, suburb, rural, or waterfront. Wherever you’re looking to live for whatever amount of time, we’re here to help keep you covered.

Seasonal Home Insurance Tips

Be Proactive With Preventative Measures

Insurance isn’t cheap, but there are many ways you can help to reduce your summer home’s insurance premiums and prevent issues that may require insurance to fix. For example, protect your home against theft, especially because it is left unattended for a better part of the year. 

Use security cameras, and alarm systems, and have someone regularly check on the home locally. Maintaining utilities like heat, AC, and water will also be beneficial in the long run. Turn the water off to the home when you leave to prevent minimal damage while you’re gone. 

Liability Coverage

If you’re looking to rent out the home when you’re not using it, property liability insurance will keep you and your assets covered. Similarly, personal umbrella policies offer an extra layer of liability protection for your belongings if there’s a serious accident on your property.

Work With Your Insurance Agent

There are many different factors that should be considered when finding the right insurance coverage for your summer home. When you work with an independent insurance agent at Staples & Associates, we’ve done all the research for you to give you the best recommendations and advice possible. 

Talk to a Staples representative today to make sure that you and your vacation home are covered to enjoy summer to the fullest!

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