Checking Your Home for Winter Wear & Tear

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Checking Your Home for Winter Wear & Tear

As the weather warms up you might be ready to jump right into summer but there’s something you should check on first. The winter months can cause more wear and tear to your home than you realize. Take advantage of a warm-weather day and make sure that your home didn’t experience too much damage in winter storms.

Checking for damages will not only help you get them repaired faster, but it will give you an idea of the costs you might spend, and if there is any damage that can be covered by insurance. Our Staples & Associates team has put together a list of common problem areas to stay diligent about when winter comes and goes.

5 Common Areas of the Home That Experience Winter Damage

1. Gutters

Gutters are an easy spot for ice dams to form. When snow melts or rain collects, then freezes, the gutter can become blocked and cause a backup of debris and runoff. This can result in the gutters breaking or falling off the house. Check to see if any areas of the gutters or downspouts have become loose after the long winter months.

2. Roof

Ice dams can also impact the roof by causing leaks and ruining shingles from moisture buildup. Winter storms with high winds can also tear off shingles from the roof leaving it more susceptible to leaks and further damage. 

3. Siding

Many winter weather conditions can impact the siding of your home and cause deterioration of the exterior. These damages are serious and should be repaired quickly since the siding is your home’s initial protection. Signs of damage can include peeling paint where moisture can get in and cause the wood to rot. A good repainting of the siding once it’s warmer can help prevent similar issues next winter.

4. Foundation

Small cracks turn into a big issue during the winter when they can expand and collect moisture. In your home’s foundation, these cracks can cause structural damage and keep getting worse if they aren’t addressed properly and quickly.

5. Yard

Besides your home, your yard can also be damaged by winter weather. Trees especially should be trimmed and kept healthy to prevent broken limbs from causing damage to your property or your neighbor’s. Be diligent in removing debris from your yard to make sure your grass can grow back healthily. 

In the case of extreme damages to your property, check your home insurance to see what’s covered in your plan, and contact Staples & Associates to make sure you’re covered for next winter!

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